September 7th, 2005


"A three hour tour"

Sometimes, like after I spend a weekend on one, I think moving to an island would be a good idea. My Sunday & Monday this past weekend were spent on Bowen, a short ferry ride from West Vancouver. Of course living there would be different & likely less holiday-like than visiting for the odd weekend, but it really does attract me.

Everything is a little slower paced, the shop-til-you-drop consumerism doesn't really exist when there's only the general store/liquor store/video rental place & a health food market. There is less light pollution. Less air pollution. Fewer people. Even the laws are more relaxed: anybody can have a bed & breakfast on the Gulf Islands, with no special zoning required. There's only one cop to enforce the laws anyway, on a lot of the islands.

The restriction of the ferry schedule might drive me a little batty, but I could likely get used to it. The only major issue would be employment. A lot of people do commute to Vancouver from Bowen, but I don't know if I'd relish the one hour plus commute to downtown. I don't know how many ESL schools there are on the islands around here. I think Bowen has one, but it's mighty small: 4 students, apparently.

I'm not sure I could get used to being so cut off from everything else. I always say that I like having everything at my fingertips--galleries, museums, shops, ethnic restaurants--but I might not miss them that much. It's not so far to go in to Vancouver to do a bit of shopping or whatever. Hmmm...