May 27th, 2007


I have a horseshoe up my ass...

I woke up today, late, looking forward to a lazy Sunday with nothing officially on the agenda. Oli & I decided to head up Main for some bagels at Solly's & a little shopping around Main & King Edward area.

Oliver suggested we go into 'My Orange Bag', thinking I'd like the clothes. He was right, really right. A half hour later, I'd bought a funky striped blazer, a charcoal grey hoodie & a bright red dress. I nearly stopped again when we were on our way out the door because I hadn't had a good look at the jewellery. I was so excited about finding so many things that I liked (& that fit me!), all at once.

We browsed through a few more stores & headed to the bank. Then we stopped by a gallery because of all the Woodland style art there. After about 45 minutes of chatting with the proprietor, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have my bags with me! I looked around the store, thinking I'd put them down. My mind raced back to putting them down in the shoe store, but picking them up to go to the bank. I put them down under the ATM when I was there. I completely forgot about the damn things in the minute or two that I was conducting my transaction, then left.

I sprinted to the ATM, but they were not there. After spending nearly $200, realizing that those clothes that I had been so excited about were gone really deflated me. They're only clothes, & it's not the end of the world to lose that amount of money, but I couldn't get over how stupid I'd been, leaving them there.

During the long walk home, I was alternately angry with myself & the person who'd taken them. I even cried a little. I decided to report them & see if my Visa insurance might cover them, but wasn't really hopeful. Oliver was trying to cheer me up & secretly planning to replace the clothes.

When I got home, I looked up 'My Orange Bag' online to get their phone number, thinking... I don't know what. When I picked up the phone, I noticed that there was a message, but I ignored it because the store was closing in 3 minutes. The salesperson who answered remembered me when I described what I'd bought. She then told me that a woman had come in with the bags, trying to track down the owner.
Proof that there are definitely good people out there.

A couple had noticed the bags in the bank machine when they used it & had been reluctant to leave them there, in case someone else stole them. So they went through the bags, trying to find what store they came from. One small tag out of three garments had the store's name on it. The went to the store, explained what had happened & went through the receipts to find my name. She left her name & number there, then found me in the phone book.

The message on my voicemail was Janine, the woman who'd found my bags. I called her back immediately & arranged to come by after dinner to pick them up from her home.

I feel so grateful that they went out of their way to find me & return the clothing. When I thanked them, they were very modest about it. I'm going to write them a thank you & offer them a free stilt performance for their little girl's birthday party, or another occasion.